About us

About Us

Be Strongest was brought to life following a particularly challenging time in my life. It has now transformed into a successful business and it has become my passion.

Be Strongest is our passion and family business - We sell in Amazon
Be Strongest Homeware is our passion and family business – We sell in Amazon too

After severely injuring myself with a broken back a few years ago. I underwent extensive surgery and rehabilitation, which was a painful and trying experience. Desperately needing to lift my spirits. I changed to a healthy diet, focused on the beauty of the Finnish nature and adopted a bright, positive attitude, all of which improved my mood and outlook on life almost immediately.

This transformation made me realize that a person should not depend on one thing to be happy, but instead, aim to make every aspect of their life as positive and happy as possible.

Building upon this belief, my wonderful wife and I embarked on a journey to pursue a happy, free lifestyle, establishing a family business where we could enjoy the potential, freedom and success of working for ourselves, delighting customers and sharing positive vibes worldwide.

While there have been challenges to overcome and problems to solve, Be Strongest is living true to its name and constantly growing, improving thousands of customers’ lives across the world every day.

We invite you to Be Strong, Be Positive, Be Free and Be Happy. Try one of our exquisite products inspired by the beauty of Finnish nature. Learn about our wonderful country, pick up some tips for super-healthy living or simply drop in and say ”Hei”.

Welcome to our world.

Antti Grönberg
Owner, Be Strongest Homeware