Door Stoppers Wall Protector – Protect Your Walls and Protect the Value of Your Home – Pick Up This Pack of Small Door Stop Bumpers Today

The Quick and Easy Way to Stop Door Knobs From Damaging Your Walls

Like you, we are frustrated by broken walls and slamming doors which causes frustration and stress. So buy this product and you will easily get lot more living comfort. Door Stoppers Wall Protector by Be Strongest Homeware BUY NOW

All too often, door knobs crash into walls causing loud noises and creating damage. Sometimes the damage is small, but builds up over time. Sometimes it is catastrophic, immediately punching a huge hole through the wall. This can be incredibly expensive to fix, and could even make it harder to sell your home. If the door is made of glass, it could even immediately shatter from the impact.

These door bumpers (small size 0.87 x 0.87 x 0.47 inches) solve the problem instantly. But use a tape measure and check that the size is correct for you. They are clear, soft small pieces of plastic that you can place on the wall where the doorknob would normally come into contact with it. Door Bumpers are small, completely unobtrusive, and almost invisible when placed on the wall.

We are happy when our customers are happy

At Be Strongest Homeware, our customers always come first! We’re sure you’ll agree our Rubber Wall Door Stoppers are beautiful and a great value, but if you have any problem with it let us know and we will solve that problem instantly. At Be Strongest Homeware we are proud to stand behind our amazing products!

Protect Your Walls and Protect the Value of Your Home – Pick Up This Pack of Small Door Stoppers Wall Protector Today


With these door knob bumpers, you can protect your wall from being damaged by your door knob crashing into the wall when you open the door. It makes your door close much more softly against the wall, reducing noise and preventing glass doors from shattering.



Door Stoppers Wall Protector are made of a soft plastic that is completely transparent, so they blend neatly into the surface of your wall. They are almost imperceptible even in bright light, and in low light they are practically invisible.



You can install them immediately with no tools required. Full instructions are provided. So just remove from the protective blister pack, clean the wall with a soft cloth, and press to create a solid, durable hold.



These rubber door bumpers aren’t just suitable for protecting walls from crashing door knobs. Because they can also be used inside cabinet and cupboard doors, to protect floors from furniture, or to insulate the bottom of loudspeakers and other equipment, or even under plant pots or cutting boards to prevent scratching surfaces.



We’re so confident that door stopper wall protector will solve your crashing doorknob problem that we’ll let you try them risk free. If you’re not thrilled with your Door Stop Wall Protector, just let us know and we’ll make it right with a prompt refund or replacement; no need to return the product. Because we’re proud to stand behind our amazing products!



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