Universal Vacuum Attachment Dust Remover Clean Storm by Be Strongest

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Dust Remover Universal Vacuum Attachment Clean Storm by Be Strongest: 30 Tubes Brush Dust/Dirt/Hair from Keyboards, Drawers, Vents, and More – Attaches to Vacuum Hose – Vacuum Tools and Accessories

Vacuum Than Never Before and Breathe Easier with Clean Storm!

Clean Storm by Be Strongest - Finally you can really cleaning your home

CLEAN GRIME FROM ANYWHERE: With 30 flexible, tiny tubes, the Clean Storm lets you gently vacuum dust,hair and other foreign particles from tough-to-access areas such as fans, vents, seat cushions – tiny crevices – you name it. You can even use it to dust your jewelry box, tool box or other areas containing fragile items without the hassle of removing each item.

MAXIMUM COMPATIBILITY: Our universal vacuum attachment includes two nozzles to allow you to connect Clean Storm to most vacuum cleaners. Simply insert the hose into the Clean Storm and you’re ready for dusting even the most challenging areas in your car, home or office.

Universal Vacuum Cleaner Attachment Clean Storm by Be Strongest - Clean Car
Universal Vacuum Cleaner Attachment Clean Storm by Be Strongest – Clean Car

BREATHE HEALTHY AIR: The more dust you can get rid of in your environment, the healthier the air your family will breathe every day. Clean Storm makes it a snap to clean the blades of ceiling fans, as well as heating/air conditioning vents in your home and car that can otherwise become clogged with allergy-causing dust.

ALL YOU NEED FOR EFFECTIVE CLEANING: Clean Storm comes with a manual that describes ways to operate the unit for best results. You’ll also find a link to an online video that shows you exactly how to connect it to your vacuum and gives examples of how it can help improve your cleaning routine.

TWO MONTH GUARANTEE: Try out Clean Storm for 60 days; if you’re not thrilled with what it can do, simply contact us for a prompt refund or replacement. No need to purchase a separate vacuum or work up a sweat dusting every nook and cranny; click Add to Cart and see how simple dusting can be with Clean Storm!


Clean Storm for deep cleaning for places hard to reach
Clean Storm for deep cleaning for places hard to reach

Make Dusting a Breeze

Do you wish you could do a deep clean more often, but you simply don’t have the time to dust every nook in your home?
Have you been searching for an easier way to clean the crud out of vents, off of fan blades or in those hard-to-reach crevices?
Do you wish you could do it all with one affordable vacuum accessory?

It’s All Here With The Clean Storm Universal Dust Remover from Be Stronger!

This simple device plugs into the hose of most vacuums and gives you an effective way to get rid of dust, dirt, pet hair and nasty bacteria from those hard-to-reach places that you don’t tend to clean on a regular basis.

Clean Without The Hassle: The unique, 30-tube design of Clean Storm means you can dust a jewelry box or suck the dirt out of a toolbox without the need to remove each item. Plus, with the flexible tubes, it can work its magic in even the smallest nook.

Easy to use universal vacuum cleaner attachment Clean Storm by Be StrongestTwo Nozzles for Maximum Compatibility: Rather than just one adapter, Clean Storm comes with two nozzles so it’s compatible with both smaller and larger vacuum hoses. All you need to do to get up and cleaning is plug in the nozzle that best suits your vacuum.

Instructions Included: Not only does the included manual tell you how to operate Clean Storm, the online video shows you the unit in action. This should help you get the most from your cleaning.

60-Day Money-Back Guarantee: If you’re not thrilled with the performance of Clean Storm, just let us know within 60 days for a prompt, full refund – no questions asked.

Clean Storm like Dust Daddy but new versionSee How Easy It Can Be to Eliminate Those Critters That Normally Escape Your Cleaning Routine; Buy From Amazon.com and Breathe Easier with Clean Storm!


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